Are You Frustrated with Using Marketing Methods Designed for Someone Else?

If So, You May Be an Introvert and are in the RIGHT Place!

Did You Know?

It's All About the Marketing!

There are little monsters that creep into our minds and create valid reasons why we Introverts don’t need marketing.

In my frustration to know why my marketing efforts were tiresome and futile, I finally came to recognize them a few years ago.

Let me introduce you to them and share how they may be sabotaging your business!

The"Introvert Marketing Monsters Academy" Podcast contains tips and strategies to win at marketing and in your business as an Introvert.

Business Development and Marketing Programs

"Discover Your Purpose Compass"

Knowing where you want your business to grow over time is vital to understanding the right things to do at the right time. Let me help you set reasonable goals that fit into your life and cater to your quiet soul.

"Can You Hear Her Voice?"

Knowing the voice of your customer is key to developing a strong marketing presence, designing relevant programs, and attracting your ideal clients. Let me help you find the voice you need to convey in your marketing efforts.

"From Hello to Ka-Ching"

Knowing how you want to work with your ideal client, in a progressive way, can be empowering. Let me show you how a ‘jump-start’ 30-day program can benefit your client attraction and retention efforts.

Honored to Serve Over 300 Coaches, Consultants, and Virtual Assistants!


Trusted by Hundreds

100+ Ratings
"Coaching with Kim has been quite impactful. I now have a much broader understanding of marketing my coaching - how to present myself, how to clearly define my niche, and how to automate my social media. Kim has helped me become more confident. She has encouraged me to try new things, has shared her vast experience and knowledge so that my mindset has really expanded. I see greater possibilities than ever before and am actually enjoying the marketing work I do. Kim is no-nonsense and that has pushed me to grow. I'm so grateful!"
Mary Baker
"I have worked with Kim for about 2 years. She was responsible for getting all the back-end of a coaching software called Coaches Console that I used for my coaching practice up and running smoothly. She was able to ensure the seamless running of my business and I did not have to worry about coaching agreements, appointments, setting up group coaching marketing emails, and the arrangement of my newsletters. This saved me so much time. I am deeply grateful to Kim for her hard work and efficiency within my business."
Sheeba V.
"I was embarrassed to refer people to my poor excuse for a website, and my business reflected that. In short order, Kim worked with me to get me from there, to a transformed website I am very proud of. It is now reflecting a strong, confident business. I am very grateful to Kim for her knowledge, experience, patience, and honesty in guiding me through the world of websites. I highly recommend her for anyone who needs that guide, or just needs a tweak or two to make things perfect."
Judith Grunwald, Ph.D., CCC/SLP
"Kim has a unique ability to take a complicated process and streamline it into a functioning work of art! We have a very in-depth training program with a lot of moving parts. Kim helped us organize and set up the content delivery through the Coaches Console as well as helped us set up a private learning center for our students on WordPress. Her humor and support have helped us through many challenging tasks. Don’t know what we would ever do without her!"
Lisa Murrell and Schelli Whitehouse ~
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