Is Your Coaching Business Foundation Built On Solid Ground?

  • Do you dream of positioning your coaching practice apart from the others but don't know how?
  • Are you struggling to determine who your ideal client should be to achieve success by coaching with you?
  • Would you like to control your economy by earning coaching fees that are competitive and adequate for your lifestyle?
  • Do you need help with increasing your online visibility and credibility while being genuine and authentic?

Being a successful coach requires that you know more than how to coach and deliver a coaching session. You have to also know how to plan and have a plan for managing your coaching business.

And, more importantly, you need a strong foundation upon which to build and support your coaching business. In the early stages of your business, you may wear all the hats or may have worn all the hats.

However, you eventually become overwhelmed with all the logistics, systems, and processes related to a coaching business and run screaming online for help. Is that where you are now?

Launch Your Coaching Business In One Place

with My First Coaching Client!

My First Coaching Client blends the best of two worlds -- coaching and virtual assistance.  Save time and money by letting your 'Hello to Ka-Ching' Coach help you open your doors for business:

  • Strategic Coaching = Spend a Virtual Meeting with Me and Craft "Your Big Picture"
  • Back-Office Design = Let Me Be Your "Systems Assistant" and Set Up Your Back Office
  • Coaching Program Design = Let's Design your 30-Day Program and Lead Prospects to Your Door

As a Career or Executive coach, you have been coaching awhile and have enough experience to know you need help with understanding your market's needs, pains, and trends. You also recognize that an organized, streamlined back office gives you focus so that you can generate multiple revenue steams -- but you don't have one yet.

Let today be the day you understand exactly who you need to assist you and how. Either download "I am a Coach. How Would a VA Assist Me?" OR schedule a "Help Me Figure It Out Session" above.