Attention: Tech Savvy, Do-It-Yourself, Marketing-Shy Coach

Finally! How to Use Your "Shy" Personality to Your Advantage
(without compromising on your standards or integrity)

Do You Struggle with These Marketing Dilemmas on a Regular Basis?

  • You'd like to be the best marketer for YOUR business but don't know how to create the right mix?
  • You are a virtual business but don't know how to LEVERAGE social media to your advantage?
  • You'd like to have a support network to bounce around ideas, get peer coaching, and PROMOTE your programs?

When I opened the doors to my online business in 2003, I felt confident that I could make it work. Only I found out that I had no clue how to build relationships online. I also discovered that I was scared to death of networking locally. That's when the Introvert showed up. It took a few years for me to build up my confidence and credibility to stand out online. Local networking was another monster, but with more time and a few trial-and-error strategies, things changed. And they can change for you!

Stop Struggling and Join Our "Help Me Figure It Out and Get It Done" Community and Online Library!

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From: Kim Gray

Re: "Help Me Get It Done" Online Resource Library and Community

Dear Tech Savvy Coach,

If you want to learn how to network and market on your terms, create opportunities for prospects to engage with you, or even if you just want to build a strong tribe of interested people, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

I am a "marketing-shy" coach who has found the formula that can work for you to become the best marketer for your business!

I was able to find the best participants for my program pilot just from my warm list

"The benefit of Kim's experience as a VA, and as a coach, along with the accountability of a group working on our own specific projects, has been very helpful. Kim's training was very methodical. She approached each step thoroughly and covered each step of the training with live videos, PowerPoints, graphics, and breakout rooms where we were able to work on each step of our own launch plan and get some feedback from one another." Sandy Ireland | Relationship Coach and Speaker | Helping Women 50 & Over Find the Love of Their Life

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

I am an expert on setting up and launching marketing strategies for coaches. I have been an avid user of The Coaches Console and once sat on their Certified VA Team.

I've worked with over 300 coaches in various stages of business building and have created a variety of marketing solutions to meet their needs.

This community is designed to not only give you access to valuable marketing resources but also targeted training on how to leverage the resources for your marketing efforts and get things done.

Here's a testimonial from a "marketing-shy" coach just like you who got results.

"Running a business has too many moving parts to figure it all out ourselves. When we're stuck, it's like stagnant air or water. We just need to move the air or water to restore health and vitality. In our case, it's taking action and Help Me Get It Done will jump start the process."
C Todd Mauney | CPC, GCC, CBC, CF | Achievement Coach & President

You have an exclusive opportunity window to receive access to the laser coaching and training workshops starting in November. On December 1 the window closes, and these exclusive benefits will only be available to paying members.

Join Us Today and Reap These Benefits

  • New Library Releases Each Month

    The 1st Thursday of each month, gain access to new content in our Online Library on topics such as  Organizing, Content Writing, Voice of the Customer, Coaching Skills, and more.

  • A Community of Like-Minded Introverts

    You won’t have to struggle alone. When you join, you’ll be invited to join our Facebook Community to introduce yourself, share your announcements, ask for feedback on your promotions, and find some networking partners.

  • Continual Learning and Coaching

    Starting in November 2017, you will have multiple opportunities to get coaching and share your experience with others.

    2nd Thursdays — How to Use the New Resource — Q&A Session;

    3rd Thursdays — Introvert Networking Book Club;

    3rd and 4th Wednesdays — “Help Me Get It Done” Clinics

 Did You Know That 90% of Online Businesses Fail

According to an article on, 90% of online businesses fail within the first 4 months of business. Why? Because they lack business knowledge, identity, have no goals, stop learning, too much competition, no social media presence, lack of relevant content, and more.


In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

* You'll discover how to SAVE MONEY and recognize the shiny objects that matter for your business growth

* You'll discover how to LEVERAGE INVESTMENTS in the best systems for managing your back office

* You'll SAVE TIME by learning how to use resources along with an expert Coach and VA

* You'll learn how to show up and shake hands at any networking event with confidence

* You'll be armed and ready with strategies to get the conversation started so you can make connections

These results are proven and helping "marketing-shy" coaches just like you to Show Up and Shake Hands. For example, if you are willing to meet 50 prospects in 90 days, you will be able to close the sale with at least 10.


* When you walk into a room of strangers and view them as potential clients, your entire outlook and demeanor changes. You appear approachable, and when you do reach out to shake a hand, you'll feel amazing.

* When you get to have a Discovery Session with a new prospect and can lead them to the sale, you will do the happy dance even if you didn't think you could dance

* As you get better at closing the sale, you'll start looking forward to attending as many events as possible just to practice your new skill.

So Here's The Bottom Line With "Help Me Figure It Out and Get It Done" Resource Library and Community

You get access to marketing resources each month along with live teaching sessions on how to leverage the resource. Pus, you get to join our private Facebook Community where you can promote the heck out of your business and find partners to pilot your program. And if you need 'on demand' coaching, you can reserve a 30-minute slot each month to figure something out or get something done.

You get all of this as a Free Membership until November 30, 2017...



But Let Me Sweeten the Pot for You Even More with These Instant Bonuses for Acting NOW . . .

Bonus #1: Video Lesson -- Can You Hear My Voice

When you join us, you get immediate access to this video lesson that walks you through the process of identifying the voice of YOUR customer. You'll also find questions to answer about who you are and why you are the best coach. When you can answer these questions, then you will be able to write content for your website, sales messages, and more.

Real Value: $99 to $199

Bonus#2: Spreadsheet -- Show Me the Money

This spreadsheet will help you keep your household expenses and needs separate from your business EXPENSES. Then you will be able to calculate what your bottom line needs to generate to keep your head above water and thriving in your coaching business.

Real Value: $99 to $199

As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of between $198 and $398... but they're yours when you act now!

And you have nothing to lose because for a limited time, the membership is free. You can always opt out of the membership if it doesn't meet your needs!

Here's How To Join Right Now

So go ahead and enter your name and email now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

Let the Marketing Success Begin,

P.S. - this exclusive FREE membership window will close November 30 and having access to the "Help Me Figure It Out and Get It Done" laser coaching sessions will be for Premium members.

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