Breaking News for Introvert Coaches!

Marketing strategies are designed to cater to Extroverts. That’s right!

The focus is always on the numbers and collecting massive names, spending time online daily sharing and commenting, yada yada yada.  That’s cool for Extroverts, but Introverts can’t succeed at marketing the way Extroverts do because that’s not how we are built.


Let's Look at 4 Extrovert Marketing Strategies That Many Introvert Coaches Find Uncomfortable

Which of these strategies strikes fear in your heart? Which ones do you know you need to do, but aren't as comfortable? If you could design your own marketing strategy to include one of these, how would you tweak it to fit your style?

The good news is that Introverts can succeed at marketing! We just need to design our networking and marketing efforts so that they cater to our Introvert personality. What is your Introvert personality?

For example, look at the list of Introvert characteristics below and see which ones resonate with you most. Under each characteristic, you will see a little "monster". As you write your list of characteristics, keep track of which "monster" shows up. More on them later!

Introverts Tend To  . . .


Which characteristics made your list? Now that you know your Introvert characteristics, can you see why networking and marketing as an Extrovert is a challenge for you? Which of the "monsters" showed up in your personality list? Do you see a pattern of only one "monster" or do you have a collection of them? No matter if you have one prominent "monster" or many, you can overcome them by marketing on your terms.

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