My first coaching client struggled with a common dilemma most introvert coaches face -- getting overwhelmed trying to use marketing strategies designed for extroverts.

Did You Know . . .

  • Marketing is THE most important operation of your business?
  • Marketing is the single most vital ACTIVITY you must perform in your business?
  • Marketing involves stepping outside, meeting people, shaking hands, making connections, following up, creating a presence, and building relationships?
  • Gaps in marketing are some of the reasons most online businesses fail?

There are 10 Reasons Why Online Businesses Fail. Click here to download the special report I revamped from an online article. No Opt In Required!

I Love Working with Coaches  . . .

  • Who have been working IN their business for 2 years and want to work ON their business instead.
  • Who love their Coaches Console for managing their business but want help with INTEGRATING and SETTING UP systems.
  • Who have loads of ideas and content ready and need help with IMPLEMENTING their ideas and generating revenue.
  • Who have been coaching 1-on-1 and want to create a SIGNATURE PROGRAM that guarantees results and a product funnel for additional revenue.

I Help Coaches Overcome Struggles

Marketing Strategy Design

I help coaches overcome their struggle with marketing on a consistent basis. The stronghold of your business involves having a marketing strategy that fits your style that you use on a regular basis.

For example, you may not get excited about networking in large groups of people. We'll find the best type of networking venues for you to attend and give you some tactics to use when you get there to create connections.

Or, you may not use social media to your advantage because it feels so overwhelming and pointless. There is so much media out there, you may feel what's the point -- no one will see you anyway. We'll find the best place for you to reach your target audience online and how to attract their attention that feels authentic for you.

Deciding what types of activities would work for your Introvert style is key. You need to feel comfortable and authentic in your marketing. Let me help you (1) find the gap and (2) suggest some activities you'll enjoy. Schedule a free "Help Me" session above and let's chat!

Coaching Program Design

I help coaches overcome their overwhelm with launching a program. I got my coaching certification in Marketing to boost my experience in helping my coaches with marketing their programs. I continue providing virtual assistance to my coaches, using the Coaches Console as my preferred system for implementing coaching programs.

Two of the biggest struggles my coaches face with clients are (1) having repeat business and (2) establishing longer engagements. I have found that the best solution to both struggles is HAVING A SIGNATURE PROGRAM.

A signature program is vital to keeping your doors open, creating deep relationships, and generating revenue on a continual basis. A signature program will provide you with a product funnel of services. You will have the foundation for creating free offers, mid-level products (passive income), group coaching, and your premium red-rope 1-on-1 coaching.

No joke though! Creating a signature program can be daunting. That's why I suggest downloading the free guide "5 Steps to Creating Your First Product". My friend, Kim Chernecki, helped me put this fun and easy guide together.