Your Tribe Matters

Every business needs customers in order to grow, right? Right! Customers need businesses in order to meet their needs, right? Right! Bringing the two together can be a challenge, right?  Right!  So, how do you keep customers coming back when you have an online coaching storefront? Deliver great customer service, provide great content they can use, make your coaching programs beneficial, host events that educate and inform, and maintain integrity and honesty.  Simple!

‘Your Tribe Matters’ is a blog featured by My First Coaching Client and is designed to bridge the gap between how coaches create ‘wow’ moments and nurture their tribe relationships.  The best way to deepen the relationships you have with your current tribe is to give them reasons to bring others along with recommendations and referrals. This concept has been at work since we were children.  If you have childhood friends, how did you meet them? Maybe you had an immediate connection. Or perhaps, another friend introduced you and you became friends through their relationship. I believe it is that simple but that complex. For some this is easy, for others a challenge. Personally, I have seen both sides.

I know that when I was young, I could make friends pretty quickly. We visited each others’ homes, tried on each others’ clothes, walked to school together (yeah, I’m showing my age), and did our homework together.  The only reason we were apart was because we were called home for dinner, family time, and bed. As I grew older, my family moved far enough away that I couldn’t connect with my childhood friends. Making new friends was possible, but it wasn’t the same. Now, I was afraid that we would move again — hoping we would move back — and losing another set of friends.  We eventually did move back, but my whole circle of friends had vanished. How I wished I had kept in touch rather than brooding and forcing myself to focus on making new friends — which I never did.

‘Your Tribe Matters’ will feature monthly topics that focus on creating new relationships, nurturing existing relationships, and integrating simple strategies in your networking activities.