My Project Portfolio

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and 'show me' versus 'tell me' carries more weight in building credibility. Thus, I want to share some of my most memorable projects with you and their brief stories.

Help Me Create My Free Offer

I remember working with this Career Coach especially because she had such a perfect platform. She coached people in transition in their careers and needed to create an eBook that walked them through next steps. We came up with a "Top 10" list of steps and then focused on key points to share. We had fun selecting images and branding the final product. Plus, we designed a series of coaching solutions she could offer those who opted in.

Her System -- Inside her Coaches Console, we created the Lead Capture system to include opt-in box, auto responders, and the eBook image. We also set up Available slots on her calendar for Discovery sessions and practiced the conversion conversation she would use to get from 'Hello to Ka-Ching'.

Help Me Find My Voice

I had the joy of working with a Family Coach who helped parents of ADD/ADHD children recognize the unique gifts their children possessed. Her challenge was creating a speaking platform for local networking gigs. I encouraged her to share her personal story with me about her ADHD child. Then, one story stuck out as the 'one' -- 100 pencils. The light bulbs went off, confetti fell from the ceiling, and we did the 'happy dance' virtually! From that one story, we moved forward and created a fun and informative series of topics for her speaking gigs.

Her System -- We set up her Coaches Console system with a lead magnet she could use in her speaking gigs to capture names and send auto responder messages out over a 30-day period.  We prepared flyers she could easily update for each gig along with branded sign up sheets.

Help Me Launch My Program

Nothing brings me greater joy than helping a coach bring her passion to fruition, and this coach had it all together. She had defined her niche and had a series of coaching programs she wanted to launch. She also had a network of professional influencers who were ready to promote her programs to their audiences. We worked diligently on her program design and the launch schedule to cover 12 months. Then we set about creating the online delivery system and membership area for her buyers.

Her System -- We customized her "Ready-2-Go" workshops into online courses inside The Coaches Console so that once buyers were enrolled, they could access the learning center with ease. We created a series of auto responders with reminders counting down to monthly workshops, availability of recorded materials, and check-in nudges. Inside her course area we hosted a self study corridor plus corridors for each of the live workshops.

There are endless possibilities to how I help coaches embrace their passion, find their voice, launch their programs, and get things done. Others can coach you on WHAT to do in your business, but I help you "FIGURE IT OUT" AND "GET IT DONE".


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