Introverts Market Differently and Powerfully

Step Into Your Superpower and Thrive

Develop Your Superpower : Caring

Effective marketing is simply sharing the news that you can help solve someone’s problem from a spirit of caring. You can use this superpower to overcome your fear of networking.

Develop Your Superpower : Relationships

Marketing on social media is not about getting sales. It’s about relationship building – and that’s your superpower. You can use this superpower to save energy by doing the right things in the right way — authentically.

Develop Your Superpower : Heart

Finding your ideal client or market online has to do with how effectively you can relate and connect with them. When writing or speaking, you can use this superpower as you share from your heart which will make you magnetic.

A One-Stop Development Center Where Introvert Coaches, Consultants, and Virtual Assistants Learn How to Step Into Their Superpower and Thrive!
You Had Good Intentions!

Wanting to share your gifts with others is commendable and probably what fueled your desire to open your doors for business.

The reality hits when you realize that you know how to ‘do’ the work but not how to ‘get’ the work.

We understand because we’ve been there!

As Introverts, we may feel handicapped because of the ‘norms’ that don’t feel normal to us.  But that doesn’t have to continue to be your dilemma.

Let us help you find your ‘normal’ with style and grace!

Introducing . . . the Marketing Monsters Academy

Since 2007, I have worked with hundreds of Introvert coaches, consultants, and VAs who had the vision to help others and opened their doors. I also found that at least five Marketing Monsters surfaced most frequently and kept them from being successful. Here are a few truths that helped them overcome their monsters:

  • Only you can convey the right message, tone, and environment for your target audience.  Others can automate it, but the ‘voice’ needs to be yours.
  • Only you can choose which activities you feel comfortable doing on a consistent basis to stay in front of your audience. Others can automate the systems but you should know how it gets done.
  • Only you can close the business deal once a prospect enters your funnel, calls your phone, or attends your events. Others can automate the onboarding, but you need to know how it works too.
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