Know Your Purpose and Create Amazing Moments

PURPOSE  [Pur-puh s] the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used; an intended or desired result, end, aim, goal; determination, resoluteness; the subject in hand, the point at issue

What do you say when asked, “What is your purpose in life?” or “What is the purpose of your business?” Do you have a smooth response that flows like a gentle stream? Or do you stammer with ums and ahs and feel uncomfortable? The answer to one question should directly relate to the other question, if you want a balanced purpose. So, how do you create a balanced purpose statement? Below are three simple questions for you to answer over a 15-minute break or between calls. You’ll create your own amazing moment as you start to realize your purpose!

Question #1.  Why Did You Become a Coach?

What was the transformation you had in your life that lead you to decide to become a coach? Was there a coaching experience that helped you through a stuck moment? Think back and reflect on who you were before the transformation. Then journey forward through the transformation and write down the feelings you experienced as you pushed into a new space.  Is that the transformation you want others to experience? Write down your transformation outcome.

Question #2.  What Would Be Your Best Success Scenario?

If you could set some measurable goals to meet over the rest of the year for your business, would one of them be to earn some money? Would another be to have paying clients? How about helping clients to achieve transformations such as yours? How much money? How many clients? What transformations? Write down a measurable goal you would like to achieve in your business this year.

Question #3.  Exactly, What’s In It For You?

Yes, you are a heart-centered business owner and look out for the interest of your clients. But, this is one of the moments when the focus is all on you. What was the transformation you experienced and want to share with others that you wrote down for Question #1? Next, what was the measurable goal(s) you would like to achieve this year that you wrote down for Question #2?  Now think about this:  “How would you feel if you were able to meet your goals and help someone else achieve a transformation such as yours?”  Write down your feeling this way – “I would feel [state the emotion] if I was able to [state the outcome] because [state your aspiration]. Example: I would feel [beyond happy] if I was able to [help just one client open her business] because [then I would know that I made the right choice].

Pull It All Together:  Your Purpose Revealed

Now, how do you leverage your purpose in making business decisions? When you are faced with a ‘shiny object’ or ‘too good to pass up offer’ going forward, ask yourself if that opportunity adds value to or helps you achieve your purpose. If yes, then go for it confidently. If not, then it would be best to leave it alone for this year.

Your purpose could change every year, so only focus on the current year. Start today and pursue your purpose in everything you do! You will be happier and your happy spirit will attract high-energy clients. Your family will see you in a different way and most importantly, you will end the year fulfilled.