Is ‘Anyone’ Your Ideal Client?

I work with and have worked with many coaches who struggle with nailing down who their ideal client really is. I hear a lot of  ‘anyone’ who wants to ‘have a fuller and more successful life’.  Really?! Isn’t that all of us? No wonder coaches with this definition have a hard time finding clients. ‘Anyone’ lives EVERYWHERE.  Have you ever tried to find someone online with just ‘anyone’? It is a challenging game of hide and seek. Let’s stop the madness and get a handle on how to turn ‘anyone’ into someone specific so you can find your ideal client.

Here are three simple questions for you to consider and answer to see if you are truly looking for ‘anyone’:

1. Are you male or female?

2. What transformation have you had in your life that you’d like to help others achieve?

3. What was the dilemma that caused you to have to search for a transformation?

Let’s consider an example.

1.  I am a female, which doesn’t eliminate males, but my frame of reference is from a woman’s perspective.

2. My transformation was becoming a virtual business owner and being able to replace my employee wages working less than 50% of the time on the job.

3. My dilemma was that I kept hitting the glass ceiling and was tired of playing the political games in order to keep my job or advance in my career.

So, from this example, my ‘anyone’ really is: executive women who have plateaued in their career and want to leave their job and open their own virtual business earning as much or more and working less per month than on the job.

Do you think I could find these women? Where do you think they hang out? What do they read? What social media networks do they use? How old are they? Where would the majority of them live in the US? What topics would interest them? What challenges do they face in making this transition?

Knowing your target market on a personal level makes it much easier to find them. Just step back into the shoes you once wore and reflect on your journey, your struggles, the adjustments, and your victories.  Only then will you find your ideal ‘anyone’.