Introverts Recharge by Being Alone

Introverts Recharge by Being Alone – Blessing or a Curse?

At the end of a busy day, I cherish my quiet time. Driving home starts the transition from hectic to serene as I turn on smooth jazz. Opening the door to the house, I am greeted by my kitty who looks into my face and purrs. Then, while the house is quiet, I retreat to my space and lay back on pillows to breathe. Ahhhh!

After a full day of working with clients and chatting in virtual rooms, I don’t want any interaction with people for the rest of the day. My poor husband knows that I won’t even talk about my day for a few hours. Lovingly, he’ll share the details of his day of running an electrical circuit or pulling wire. If the mood strikes me, I’ll share my day’s events with him and watch his eyes glaze over.

The blessing of being an introvert is that we know when it’s time to be alone. We relish being alone and can do it very well. I know a lot of introverts who create special spaces in their home for the much-needed quiet time.

The curse of being an introvert is that being around crowds of people can drain us. I dread going to large events such as concerts or amusement parks. Being around a lot of people I don’t know in certain environments shuts me down. I’ll go to the event, but I won’t want to stay long. This curse affects not only my personal life but my business. How?

In my business of coaching, we need to network and meet people face-to-face. As coaches, we love to get together in large groups at conferences, summits, and expos. As an introvert, these large events are tiresome and challenging. I prefer smaller events where I can connect with a few people. I love being able to have time to sit down and get acquainted. Attending lectures and group sessions is fine, but I enjoy when there is room for interacting one-on-one.

In summary then, being an introvert who loves to recharge by being alone is a blessing AND a curse. Thankfully, we can create our own space for comfort whether alone or among crowds of people.