"Help Me Find My People"

A 90-Day Journey

One of the biggest challenges coaches face in business (Extroverts and Introverts alike) is deciding on a target market, niche, or specialty. Together we will tap into your "life credibility" and determine where we need to start or continue the search for your ideal market and put "Monster Gabby" to rest. Investment: 3 payments of $597

At the End of This Project, You Will Have:

  • Defined the specific market you'd like to serve and why
  • Discovered where your market hangs out and lives online
  • Created a project 'mission statement' for clarity and service focus
  • Identified key indicators for success to measure and reach
  • Selected relationship-building strategies to implement
  • Created a calendar of marketing activities to complete
  • Learned how to research your competition and find gaps
  • Selected key influencers in your target market to follow
  • Established your business presence online within your target market


Your Investment in This Project Includes:

  • 2, 60-minute coaching sessions each month
  • 2, 30-minute planning and update sessions each month
  • 3 coaching-business success books delivered to your mailbox
  • A private, online system to share your thoughts and ideas
  • Recordings of your coaching sessions for future use
  • 24/7 access to our Online Center with Assessments and Resources
  • Back office system design and integration
  • 10 Hours of support with your Coaches Console to "Get It Done"


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