So, let's look at your foundation and see where you need the help.

Are you currently coaching any clients?

  • If NO, you will need a cushion so that our work can continue until you start generating revenue.
  • If YES, then we can start creating a product/service funnel for additional revenue.


Do you have at least 500 qualified leads in your network?


  • If NO, then we’ll need to identify your warm market from existing relationships.


  • If YES, great! We can skip this step and get right to work.


Have you pinpointed your target market and niche?


  • If NO, then we’ll need to define a target market and specific niche that will reap the most benefits from your signature program.
  • If YES, we can start crafting your marketing message and strategy.


Do you have a signature program in writing?

  • If NO, then we’ll design your signature program from the notes in your head that focuses on your unique coaching platform.


  • If YES, then we’ll take your signature program off the paper and bring it to life.


Are you conducting group coaching?

  • If NO, we’ll design your coaching group management system and customer relations support areas.
  • If YES, then I’ll help you improve your customer support and relations. We’ll look at ways to reduce the ‘revolving door’ syndrome and ways to deepen your relationship to develop customer loyalty.


Have you launched a marketing campaign before?

  • If NO, then we’ll put in place your network of systems and processes to bring your signature program to your market.


  • If YES, I will help you with refining your process and setting up a continuous launch cycle and strategy.