The Introvert Coach's Favorite Workshop Leader and Keynote Speaker

Signature Topic: Introvert Coaches Rejoice! You Can Really Thrive and Have Fun Networking and Marketing Your Business!

Introvert coaches want to know that there is another way that marketing and networking can be done without compromising their quiet, thoughtful ways. In her "keeping it real" signature style, Kim coaxes the monsters from under the bed into the light -- including fear, doubt, anxiety, chaos, and procrastination -- so her audience members can find ways to connect and serve that lead to big profits quickly.

Whether Kim share this topic as a workshop or a keynote, audience members learn how to:

=> Kick the fear of managing their people to the curb as they learn simple ways to streamline the chaos;

=> Embrace their new-found confidence in networking with anticipation rather than anxiety as they apply just 1 of the 10 strategies shared;

=> Create a custom marketing strategy to find and connect with their ideal clients on terms that feel authentic and true to them.

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Honest, warm and fun. Kim's authentic style packs a punch while astounding every audience member with her generosity and commitment to serve. She personally ensures that your audience will enjoy the experience and walk away with tips they can use immediately to improve their business.

- Audience Members Rave!

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