“As an Introvert, I prefer building relationships one person at a time."

KimKevinI have always cherished my friendships from an early age growing up in Cambridge, MA. I had a small handful of girlfriends to hang out with at school and in the neighborhood. I didn't know I was an introvert yet, but I knew what comfort felt like.

Once my family started moving around, I lost touch with my childhood friends and didn't really felt connected nor comfortable anywhere else for quite awhile.

It was a lonely place that left me longing for a friendship I could rely on no matter where I went. Maybe that's why I struggled with meeting new people and creating new relationships. I was afraid of having to relocate and losing touch with them so I chose not to even try to build a bond. 

Then one day, years into my adult life, I decided to put down roots and plant myself in a new 'home'. I put my faith in God and he led me to some amazing people who are now my 'family'. No matter where I go, I have a place to lay my head and shoulders to cry on when necessary.

I learned how to trust myself to develop meaningful relationships by caring about people again. After awhile of meeting new people and spending quality time with them, I looked around and saw a large circle of men, women, and children as my friends. Then I met my husband, and we have been best friends since 1999. 

In 2003, I opened the doors to my online business confident that I could make it work. Only I found out that I had no clue how to build relationships online. I also discovered that I was scared to death of networking locally. That's when the Introvert showed up. It took a few years for me to build up my confidence and credibility to stand out online.  Local networking was another monster, but with more time and a few trial-and-error strategies, things changed.

I know that it can seem overwhelming to build relationships in an uncomfortable environment with people you don't know.  I have come to embrace the fact that being an introvert isn't a death sentence but a blessing because you get to choose who you want in your circle of friends or influence.  Welcome to my World!