My first coaching client had a dilemma that most online coaches face -- inconsistent marketing efforts.

My first coaching client came to me while I was working as her VA (virtual assistant) which gave me opportunities to see where she was failing in her business. We talked about why she had been struggling in her business, and she stated that she wasn't as consistent in marketing as she should be. Her reasoning was that she would market for a new client as the need arose and then stop marketing. So, she was on a marketing rollercoaster and wanted to get off. That's when I knew how to help because I had been on the same rollercoaster ride until I changed how I thought about marketing.

The Introvert Challenge

During our relationship, I learned that my coach was shy about networking and being around lots of people. She hated the idea of schmoozing and collecting business cards just for the heck of it. She really wanted to connect and build relationships with the right people and chat one-on-one. Her goal was to do local, live events because she felt the room would be full of her ideal audience. That was also why she loved doing online workshops, because only those who were interested in her topic would register and show up. However, all the coordination and planning for either event was overwhelming and stopped her cold. That's why she was only working with clients in a one-on-one relationship.

To the Rescue!

To help my coach overcome the overwhelm, I assured her I could take care of the coordination and planning. The problem then became helping her determine the best way to fill her pipeline. Since she felt more comfortable in smaller settings, we found some local groups she could visit (within a 50-mile radius) and find a good fit. The goal was for her to choose two groups and set how many times she would attend the group meetings in a 90-day period. Then at each meeting she was to connect with one person, listen to their story, share an opportunity to chat further, and get their contact information or card. All these activities were agreeable to my coach, and off she went to make connections and fill her pipeline.

The Transformation

Once my coach was comfortable in her local groups making connections, we then focused on how to leverage her local presence. In her travels, she came across a small coffee shop that served a variety of teas, coffees, and cookies -- and she had an idea. She could host a 'coffee chat' with her new connections at this spot each month. Then she found a popular book the group could read for discussions each month, which tied into her coaching topics. Now she was on a roll, happy and thrilled to be marketing her business on her terms.

As Mary Poppins says, "Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down in a most delightful way." As I successfully used this process of detecting the root of my client's marketing dilemma and designing viable solutions, I decided to get my coaching certification in Marketing so that I could continue to help my Introvert Coaches find their 'spoonful of sugar'.