#8 Reason Online Businesses Fail

No Original or Helpful Content

“You may have heard the phrase “content is king,” and this is definitely true for online businesses. More and more customers are relying on content – not products – to determine whether or not a business is worth their attention and investment. One way that you can set yourself apart from your competitors is by acting as a source of original content that is helpful or interesting to potential buyers.” http://www.webpagefx.com/why-do-online-businesses-fail.html

Writing original content may seem overwhelming at first. I totally get that and felt it myself. I would get so intimidated by the task that I did nothing. Great! Then I started reading content by others in my field and found that they all started to sound the same. I then realized that my content could be different by focusing on what they weren’t saying. Aha!

Once I figured out my unique target (Introvert Coaches) and their particular struggle (Online and Network Marketing), I came up with a variety of content to write. I then put together a calendar with related topics and content to share each month.

I wanted to use creative ways to present my content with flair, images, and engagement. My favorite image sources come from 123.rf because I can always find what I need and can repurpose them over and over. I also use visual creators such as Canva and Stencil to create my Facebook posts because they also provide images and the ‘flair’.

Creating an editorial calendar for the year helps me stay focused and consistent in sharing my content every day, week, and month. Scheduling time for my writing and content creation has also been a time saver. I try to do my writing on Mondays, early in the morning for about two hours. I write two blog posts for the month in one sitting, find relevant images, and get them scheduled on my website.

I then create visual posts for Facebook around five categories:

  1. Promotion – these visuals focus on the monthly free offer, the monthly Help Me Get It Done challenge, or an annual online event.
  2. Technical Tip – these educational visual posts share a ‘how to’ step to take in building a presence, filling the pipeline, using systems, etc.
  3. Networking – I use these posts to leverage my relationships by promoting those in my inner circle of peers, clients, and partners
  4. Ask a Question – in order to start conversations, I use these visual posts to pose a question to my target audience about their feelings, their dilemma, or their opinion on a matter.
  5. Motivation – I like to create visual posts with motivational quotes, scriptures, and my own seeds of encouragement.

Each week, I pull together the 5 Facebook posts I’ll feature and get them scheduled for release on my Facebook business page. Once they are released on my page, I then share them inside my groups based on their posting schedule.

I share my online and blog posts with my list through my update newsletter each month. Included in this update is the Online Library release for the month. All posts lead back to my website which creates traffic and interest.

The key to marketing is to have relevant content to share on a consistent basis. Formulating a plan and then preparing a schedule of activities goes a long way toward ensuring your business won’t fail.