3 Ways to Get Introverts to Share In Online Groups

Would you like to know how to engage with an Introvert in online conversations? Ask them a question or ask for their opinion. We like to share what we know or feel when it is appropriate. Introverts aren’t known for idle chit chat. Not that chit chat is bad, we just prefer conversations with depth.

For example, when I was in school, I loved being able to raise my hand to answer a question. I knew that if the teacher saw my hand, she would eventually get to me. Raising my hand was my signal to her that I had something to say. Even now, when I attend public meetings and can raise my hand, I get the same joy as I did in school. I know that eventually I will be called on to share. I have the floor – so to speak.

In-person scenarios are perfect for an Introvert. We like sitting in a room of people listening and observing. Being able to raise our hand to be acknowledged and allowed to share without interruption is so ideal.

However, in the online world of web-based events and trainings, the Introvert can get lost and become invisible. This is especially true when the only opportunity to share comes when the facilitator asks, “Who Would Like to Share?” and waits for attendees to shout out. If the only way to share is to shout out and hope to be first, then the Introvert may keep silent and wait for the next opportunity—which may never come.

Here are three simple ways to encourage engagement with your online audience, especially if you will have Introvert guests:

  1. have a system where attendees can raise hands and encourage the use of the feature,
  2. have a way to call on guests by name and do so as you answer questions or field responses,
  3. be sure to have a chat feature turned on for a safe space to share and acknowledge the comments entered.

Your Extrovert guests will just shout out and battle to be heard, but your Introverts will thank you for the consideration.