3 Reasons Introvert Coaches Stink at Networking and Marketing

Let’s be real about something right up front. Marketing strategies are designed to cater to Extroverts. That’s right! The focus is always on the numbers and collecting massive names, spending time online daily sharing and replying. That’s cool for Extroverts, but we Introverts can’t succeed at doing Extrovert marketing because that’s not how we are built.

The good news is that Introverts can succeed at marketing! How? We can succeed by using Introvert Marketing which is comfortable and authentic to our style of meeting and connecting is one way. For example, let’s look at three situations where introvert characteristics convert into create positive experiences in networking and connecting with people:

Introverts like to enjoy 1-on-1 conversations
Whenever I am invited to a networking event locally, I tend to avoid those with large crowds of people I don’t know. My greatest fear isn’t in meeting people but the fear of never knowing how safe I’ll be. I prefer small intimate circles of friends where we have food, drinks, laughter, and fun conversations. My idea of a great networking event would include getting together with a familiar circle and catching up on past events.

My idea of networking is when I can build relationships one person at a time over a series of events, creating memories to share, bonding through life’s moments, and showing genuine concern.

Introverts like to be more reserved
Walking into a room full of people I don’t know and mingling is not my thing. My mother says that I like to watch people and could sit in a room observing without saying a word. She is so right! I do watch people and take mental notes of as much as possible. Then when the “coast is clear”, I walk up to those who seem to be approachable, who seem content to be alone, or who wish the wall would swallow them up.

That’s how I prefer to network — CONNECT with people rather than collect cards. Time is precious, and you only get to make that first impression once. No sales pitch, just friendly conversation focused on being able to share, laugh, and have a reason to connect later.

Introverts like to stay in the background
I love to collaborate with others on projects that have a definite outcome. Being in the spotlight isn’t my first choice, but getting credit for my contribution on the project is important. Designing projects has put me in the spotlight on many occasions, but I make sure to include everyone in the ‘atta gals’ when the time comes for recognition. Why? Because the success couldn’t have come without the efforts of all involved. I know how it feels being left out when credit is due.

That’s how I choose to build collaborative relationships, joint partnerships, and alliances. If everyone promotes the success of the project, more people win than if we only promote ourselves.

Notice how in each situation, I chose to turn an uncomfortable setting (for me) into a sweet opportunity. Yet, this awareness developed over a year of attending a lot of local networking events, joining various women’s groups looking for a “home”, and volunteering to speak at business and non-profit events. That’s when I figured out that I was running in circles that didn’t appeal to me. That’s when I decided to seek out my preferred circles and connect with them on a regular basis, on my terms.

If you fancy yourself as a fellow Introvert, you can have success in marketing your business. It takes a little bit of effort to define your preferences and apply them to your networking and marketing activities. Then you will be able to find your “circles” and start connecting on your terms.

So, keep this in mind when attending your next event. Enter the room with confidence, engage as though it were your event, and enjoy connecting with a few. Don’t worry about the Extroverts because they will be fine collecting and mingling. Visit my site and learn other ways you can succeed with Marketing for Introvert Coaches!