#10 Reason Online Businesses Fail

Many online business owners believe they can manage the operation of the business alone. This misconception can lead to closing your doors due to overwhelm. Having no support system is the #10 reason that online businesses fail according to webpagefx.com.

As a fellow online business owner, I know that managing the business involves much more than just putting up a website and buying business cards. Depending on the industry you operate inside, there are back-office systems and customer-service procedures you will need help with managing.

For us Introverts, working online is like the golden ticket — pursuing our passion behind the scenes, so to speak. However, being online requires just the opposite to be successful. We need to be seen, we need to connect, we need to step outside of the office. And, when we do these things, we need to have systems that keep us organized.

Here are a few support systems coaches need to use in managing the business:

  1. a customer management system that includes calendar and scheduling options
  2. an email communication system that includes broadcasts and newsletter campaigns
  3. a product/program delivery system that allows you to drip content
  4. a marketing management system that connects to online social media outlets

Which ones should you choose? Well, here’s a secret. You will want a system that integrates all these components seamlessly in itself or integrates with them individually. You can even save money by finding reputable online assistants who are keen in your industry. A knowledgeable and professional assistant can help you set up your system foundations so that your doors stay open and your business keeps thriving.